Real Estate FAQs

Are you thinking about buying or selling a home?
With so many aspects of the process to think about, from curb appeal to mortgage loan insurance, faq-button-1you likely have many questions. In fact, the process can seem overwhelming to even the most seasoned home buyers and sellers.
To help you answer your questions, we have compiled a list of F.A.Q.s:

Should I purchase a replacement home before selling my old one?
The financial risks of buying first are great. It’s far better to sell your current home and endure the inconvenience of moving to an interim rental, which rarely happens, than it is to end up owning and paying for two homes when you only want one.

Should I get a ‘termite’ report (or other indicated reports) before placing my home on the Market?
Sellers are often required to pay for eliminating wood pest (AKA ‘termite’) infestation when they sell their home. They may also be asked to correct other defects. Sellers who know the condition of their home before they sell, are in a better position to negotiate a firm sale because they can disclose existing reports on the property to buyers prior to the buyer making an offer.


Why are first impressions important in selling a home?
Placing a home before it is spruced up is a mistake. Buyers and Real Estate Agents remember what they see. Their first impressions are lasting ones. If a property looks a mess when it hits the market that is how agents will remember it. Most people lack the vision to imagine what the home will look like when it’s not fixed up. It’s usually better to delay marketing a home until it is spruced up for sale. Most buyers utilize Realtors’ services to purchase homes and therefore, Realtors are more excited about showing and selling homes when they are in mint condition.

Why should a Home Warranty be a part of my sale?
A Home Warranty is basically an insurance policy. It insures the mechanical, electrical and plumbing parts and systems of a house. A Home Warranty provides the same comfort as any insurance against unforeseeable events. Many homeowners claim that their warranties have more than paid for themselves.


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